An Indian military officer actually gave away classified documents in exchange for Bobs and vagena


When your country’s topmost secret agents can be seduced by random female profiles on social media, that’s when you know you have a problem.

Indian men being perverted on social media is no new phenomenon, and has been well documented over the years. Not every Indian man on the internet is a pervert (in fact, I’m sure the vast majority aren’t), but when a random person you’ve never met suddenly starts messaging you on Facebook asking for nude photographs, chances are, he’s probably Indian.

Pakistan’s secret service must have been aware of this, because they chose to exploit this weakness in getting their hands on some classified documents.

A 51 year old Indian military officer by name Arun Marwaha has been arrested by the New Delhi police, after he sent private documents to secret agents from Pakistan. The secret agents had posed as young women online and engaged in sexual conversations with him; enticing him to send them pictures of the documents in exchange for naked pictures:

Group Captain Arun Marwaha, 51, was seduced by agents from Pakistan’s elite intelligence agency who were posing as young women online.
Captain Marwaha, who was due to retire next year, was a parachute instructor with the Indian Air Force, training airborne troops.
Two Pakistani spies allegedly, using fake profiles, sent friend requests to his Facebook page, where he had posted numerous photos of himself parachuting in Indian military attire.
The conversations apparently continued and turned sexual on WhatsApp — an encrypted messaging service that is wildly popular in India.
Captain Marwaha allegedly used his phone to photograph classified documents at the Indian Air Force headquarters, which he sent to his two new social media contacts in exchange for obscene photos.
Documents about Indian Special Operations forces as well as details about new cyber and space operations were leaked, local media reported.
Captain Marwaha was arrested while carrying a phone inside Indian Air Force headquarters — something prohibited by military rules.

Captain Marwaha is now facing up to seven years in jail under India’s Official Secrets Act. What’s funny is that he was scheduled to retire some time next year. If only he had controlled his Pajeet tendencies for a few more months.