IGN forced to apologize for hilarious meme making fun of XBOX


There’s a point at which this whole politically correct “My feelings are hurt” thing stops being funny, and I think we just reached it. When multi-billion dollar companies start taking offense to internet memes, that’s when you know we’ve gone too far…

Video game and entertainment media company IGN has been forced to delete an Internet meme and issue a public apology, after XBOX executives took offense to it. Now, you’re probably thinking it must have been some very offensive meme with racist undertones making fun of disabled people and calling for a second holocaust or something, right?…. if only.

The picture in question causing all the butthurt is a sarcastic meme showing a side-by-side comparison of how the upcoming God Of War game will look on PS4 and XBOX. On a PS4, the game looks perfect with HD graphics, while the XBOX just shows a blank screen…..Hilarious joke, right? Get it? Its funny because God Of War is not coming to XBOX:

That’s all it took to piss off the fine folks over at Microsoft HQ. The meme has since been deleted from IGN’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

So butthurt was XBOX that Ryan McCaffrey, Executive Editor of Previews at IGN had to issue this public apology:

Talk about not having any backbone.

Maybe instead of complaining about Internet memes, Xbox should work on getting more games on their platform. The meme is right by the way… as far as exclusive games are concerned, the PlayStation has the Xbox beat by several miles.