How to use Facebook’s new “Dislike” button


For a while now, there’s been announcements/campaigns/etc. that Facebook would finally give users a button to dislike statuses and whatnot. For a while, people thought that the dislike button would never happen, mostly because of the abuse it would get from the user (that and apparently, there was some difficulty trying to get the dislike button programmed).

Well, those who were actually somewhat curious as to whether or not Facebook would come around to make this damn thing can rest at ease! Here is Facebook’s NEW

…Emoji set.


Well, at the very least there’s variety/ It’s not really complicated or anything, you hover your mouse over to the like button and wait for a second or two before the emoticons pop up but…why?!

Anyway these emoticons are Like (of course), Love, (Redundant), Haha (lulz), Wow (Self-Explanatory), Sad (How I feel inside) and Angry (Oh hey, a button that’s actually sort of like dislike!).

I have the strangest feeling the higher ups are trying to f*ck with us when they do stuff like this. Sort of like “HA, look at those losers go apeshit over this new update! I’ll be laughing for WEEKS!” It just seems too troll like, to announce that you’ll finally make a dislike button but instead you’re just working on a set of various emoticons.

Well, let’s just be thankful there wasn’t anything too harmful about this update.

Still though, this is random as hell.

Here are a few more screenshots of the other emojis:

The “Love” emoji

The “sad” Emoji:

The “Wow” emoji:

The “Haha” emoji:

And this is how your notification looks like when you receive one of these:


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