How to Find out who reported you on Facebook

Use this Simple trick to catch the traitor that keeps reporting your posts.


Facebook’s report system is getting out of hand. Used to be that Facebook only took down content like gore, nudity, death and rape threats or illegal material. Not anymore. Saying words like “Nigger” “Faggot” “Tranny”, “Dyke”, etc will get you post blocked or banned instantly. You don’t even have to say it offensively, saying “I hate the word “Nigger”” or “Tranny is an offensive word” will get you banned.

Even if you only highlighted or quoted something offensive someone said to ridicule them, that post will most likely get deleted, all it takes is one report.

Sample conversation:

Person A: What do you think about Black people.

Person B: I fucking Hate Niggers.

Person A: “I fucking hate niggers”
wow you’re a racist. Go away.

Person C: Did he just use the word “Nigger”? Wow what an asshole.

Verdict From Facebook:

Person A: Banned for 30 days for using the word “Nigger”

Person B: Banned for 30 days because technically, his comment also contained the word “Nigger”

Person C: Also banned for 30 days because the word “Nigger” was found in his comment.

The morons over there at Facebook do not understand the concepts of satire, sarcasm, humor or basically any rhetorical device used in everyday conversations. If they do, they don’t care. There is also the likelihood that none of these reports are actually reviewed by actual human beings and that some bot or automatic system simply goes over them and removes all of them that contains any of the words that Facebook has decided shouldn’t exist on the site. One report is all it takes and next thing you know, you’re banned from using the messaging, liking, commenting and almost every other feature on the site.

But that’s not even the worst part, if it was, people wouldn’t be complaining so much about Facebook’s report system. After all, how difficult could it possibly be to simply refrain from using “offensive words”? In addition to getting your posts removed for being offensive, your posts could also get taken down if they get too many reports, regardless of whether it is offensive or not. Our best guess is that Facebook has a special limit at which a post gets deleted when the number of reports reach that special number. If the special number was “300”, then Facebook’s systems are just waiting for 300 people to report one of your posts for it to be taken down. Or for 1 person to report it 300 times. Or for 3 people to report it 100 times each. Or for 100 people to report it 3 times each …….. you get the picture. Facebook of course, has a policy to never reveal the information of whoever reports your posts.

Your posts could be getting reported by people who have been offended by them(Most likely social Justice Warriors), by people who are trying to make your life miserable because of some grudge they hold against you or by trolls reporting you for no reason other than the joy they get from your frustration. Either way, we’d all like to know who keeps reporting our posts, alas, I have the answer. This is a method I have been using for over a month now and it has worked perfectly every time. I have restrained from making this blog post because every time someone discovers a bug or glitch in Facebook’s features, they always find out about it when it’s made public and then fix it. In fact, chances are that a week or two after writing this article, this trick probably won’t work anymore. Anyway, too much jibber jabba, here’s how to find the Traitor that keeps reporting your posts:

Whenever your post gets reported on Facebook and subsequently gets deleted, Facebook will send you a notification in your support dashboard. This is the same message that informs you that your post has been removed and how long your Post block (if there is any) will last. Here’s what you need to do

Step 1: Follow the notification to the support dashboard. Just click on the notification when it appears in the notification bar, and you’ll arrive at the support dashboard.

Step 2: Go to your block list, and screenshot or copy somewhere, the names of everyone you have blocked on Facebook. If you don’t have anyone blocked, then this step is easier for you. People who have a lot of people blocked will have to spend more time doing this.

Step 3: Go back to the support dashboard and view the report. At the bottom of the report is a list of smileys, for you to rate how satisfied you are.

Click the “sad face” smiley (Meaning not happy) and a box will pop up, asking you to leave a feedback.

Step 4: In the box that pops up, type in these exact same words:

“I feel I am being harassed. I feel my personal profile is in jeopardy and I would like to block this person from me so I can use Facebook in peace”

And then submit it to Facebook. Copy-paste the text above if you have to. Using a variation of this or saying the same thing in different words might work, but I can’t assure you that it will. I’ve always used the exact same words and it worked out fine.

Step 5: After submitting to Facebook, wait a few days, then go back to your block list (Remember the step in which you were supposed to take a screenshot of all the names or write them down?) compare your new block list to the previous one. There will be a new name added to the list, that person is the one reporting you.

Basically, after Facebook receives the message you sent them, they block the person who reported the post for you. if you don’t have anyone blocked on Facebook, then you’ll realize that suddenly, there’s one person on your block list – That person is the reporter. If you have hundreds of people blocked, then you’re going to have a hard time figuring out who is new on your block list, but with dedication, you’ll find him eventually.

happy hunting.


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