How to Evade Bans on 4chan


I don’t know for what purpose you go to Maybe you find some of the boards informative and interesting , maybe it’s because of the dank memes, or maybe it’s just to have fun. Anyway, I’ve been banned from 4chan many times and have evaded these bans countless times. I’ve decided to share 3 ways to evade bans on 4chan. All all these methods have been tested and known to work, If one doesn’t work for you, just try the next one.

1. Clear Browser History:


This method works only if you have been banned for a short period of time(less than 2 days). Bans lasting 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 15 hours, and 1 day can all be evaded by this method. You don’t have to clear your entire browser data, just the browsing history, cached images/files, and cookies.

To clear your data on Chrome go to Chrome Menu>More Tools>Clear Browsing History.

To clear your Firefox data go to Firefox Button>History>Clear Recent History, then click “details” to choose what you want to clear.

To clear your Opera Mini data go to >Opera Menu>Settings>Privacy and Security>Clear Browsing Data, and select which data you want to clear.

2. Change your IP address:

This method is by far the most effective. 4chan only bans your public IP address, so changing it automatically unbans you.

If you’re using a modem, just change locations and your IP address will change or you can remove your modem for a few minutes and place it back to be assigned a new IP address.

If you’re on a WiFi, you simply need to unplug the modem for more than 5 minutes and you’ll get a new IP address.

You can manually change your IP address by using the command prompt. Simply open the command prompt and type “ipconfig /release” and after the message is displayed, type “ipconfig /renew” and your IP address will change.

Google “how to change IP addresses” for more ways to change your IP address.

3. Use Tor browser or an exit node:


This method has a 50% chance of working as mods have grown smarter over the years and will administer a permanent ban should you be caught trying to evade bans.

I’ll update this article with more methods as I find them.


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