Hillary Clinton strategist is having a meltdown on Twitter and 4chan is pouring gasoline in the fire


Having lost the presidential election to Donald Trump and with her popularity fading, Hillary Clinton is trying desperately to bring herself back to the public’s favor; by writing a new book, giving speeches across the country, and most recently, launching and endorsing “Verrit“; a fact checking website of sorts. Tagged “the media for the 65.8 million” (a reference to how many votes Clinton got in the 2016 election), Verrit is essentially a website for Hillary Clinton supporters to find “facts”, quotes and statistics to further the progressive (Hillary Clinton’s) agenda.

The website basically generates picture quotes and supposed facts, much like the app “Whisper” does. Each Verrit is accompanied with a seven digit verification code in order to help users verify its validity, as seen in the Verrit generated picture below:

Now, apart from the fact that creating something like this is extremely childish (From the same campaign staff that asked their followers to explain their student loan in 3 emojis, this is saying a lot), there’s also the fact that Verrit is no different from any other blog or fact-checking website on the web; since the same website produces and verifies the facts and then posts. Its just more of an echo chamber because unlike other fact-checking sites, Verrit isn’t going to post any facts that are critical of Hillary. Several people pointed this out and Clinton’s top strategist Peter Daou, who also founded and designed the website, had a meltdown:

Here comes the first part of the meltdown:

Just so we’re all on the same page, this guy is offended that Sopan Deb (A New York Times journalist) liked a tweet from an account of someone who made fun of Verrit (The Tweet in question had nothing to do with Verrit whatsoever). Take a moment to think about this for a second. Think about this very hard and realize just how many levels of idiocy this guy is on. Of course, the Internet wasn’t going to let this go:

And in case you’re wondering what he meant by a “Mock Verrit”, someone decided to create a Fake Verrit generator, that allows you to create and customize your own Verrit-like pictures, with any made up texts or facts you please. The fake generated ones look exactly like the real ones and are indistinguishable from them. They even have their own authentication codes:

Peter’s butthurt over the fake Verrits reached the skies until even 4chan took note and decided to join in the fun. A post calling Peter “easily baited” and asking users to “join in the fun” made it to the front of 4chan’s /pol/ board, and awoke a hoard on trolls:

Peter is probably having the worst week of his life right now, the trolls just never stop coming; Like this guy who convinced him to adopt a furry fetish suit as Verrit’s mascot:

It probably doesn’t help that Peter has a long history of taking the internet a bit too seriously, getting offended and threatening legal action over online criticism. This is what we call a LOL cow:

And there goes another failed Campaign from the Clinton team. With 4chan now creating fake Verrits in abundance, its only a matter of time before the number of fake ones online outnumber the real ones (Making them worthless). In the mean time, best of luck to Peter Daou in his “libel” lawsuit against people making fun of him online.