Hillary Clinton earned 81 cents on the dollar of Trump’s votes


The patriarchy has done it again.

Just when a strong woman is about to make it into the White House, our white male cis patriarchal supremacist sexist homophobic racist society pulls her down.

If this isn’t proof of the gender pay gap being real, I don’t know what is.

Here are the finals results of this year’s presidential election:

Donald Trump won a total of 279 electoral votes, while Hillary Clinton got 228 electoral votes.

Sources: (Fox News) —- (The Guardian) — (Politico)


We decided to crunch the numbers and they check out.

223 divided by 279 gives you 0.817

For every dollar that Trump earned in the elections, Clinton earned only 81 cents:


This is similar to when the female Ghostbusters earned only 77 cents on the dollar of the male ones:




The patriarchy is alive and well. It is now more obvious than ever that Russian government hackers were behind the patriarchy all along. Feeding it, nursing it, funding it, helping it grow.

It is time for all Social Justice Warriors, People of color and all minorities to rise up and fight back. The solution is to make more laws to force people to pay vote for women equally. The fact that Trump got more electoral votes than Clinton is proof of sexism.

If we are to progress as a society, in every election between a man and a woman, voters should be required to vote for both candidates equally. Voting for a man over a woman is pure bigotry.

The sooner we recognize this and make laws to prevent election oppression, the sooner we can reach equality.