Here’s how Twitter is silently censoring you


A new theory has emerged online called the “Throttling theory”, and it describes how the social media site Twitter, censors your Tweets by convincing your followers that the Tweet doesn’t exist.

The system is similar to Reddit’s “Shadow-ban” system. When you are shadow-banned on Reddit, everything still seems normal to you, and you can comment and submit posts to different Subreddits. However, to the rest of Reddit, you are practically invisible. No one else can see anything you do, and your up-votes and down-votes don’t count.

The distinction between these two systems is that while Reddit’s shadow-ban technique is a system well known by the users and administrators who use it to get rid of spammers, Twitter’s throttle system isn’t an integral part of the site.

They invented it specifically to censor people. Twitter doesn’t throttle all your Tweets, just the ones they don’t want others to see.

Whenever Tweeter’s bots pick up a supposed “offensive” tweet, they proceed to throttle it. Instead of outright banning the user or deleting the Tweet, which would attract a lot of negative attention to the site (Like what happened with Milo Yiannopoulos and Martin Shkreli), they allow you to think the Tweet has gone out to your followers as intended. However, any of your followers trying to access the Tweet receive a “This tweet is unavailable” notification, implying that the Tweet may have been deleted (It hasn’t).

Clicking on a link to the Tweet will take you to the Tweet (despite Twitter saying it doesn’t exist). However, the tweet will still not gain the attention you want, because most of your followers will believe the “this Tweet is unavailable” notification. Very few of them will visit the Tweet’s URL to confirm that it has indeed been deleted.

In fact, when Scott Raymond Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, sent out a Tweet to a video describing the throttling theory, Twitter made the Tweet unavailable.


Scott argues that the reason social media sites like Twitter feel confident when censoring you, is because they can.

“I would argue that the human mind has recently evolved to include the thinking process of social media as a whole. We’re connected to social media like a great hive mind. And thanks to scientific advances in datametrics, the social media companies now have almost perfect mind control technology. We connect to the hive mind, the social media giants decide who sees what messages, and they program us individually. You get different persuasion than I do. I no longer have freedom of expression in the way that most of you still do because the social media platforms throttle my ideas.” – Scott Adams.

Watch a fully detailed explanation of the throttle system below: