Here’s how Bernie can still win

You won't believe this secret way Bernie Sanders can still win the presidency.


Today is the 20th of January 2017, and Donald Trump has just been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

However, there’s still a way for Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination and subsequently the presidency.

Its not over yet.

Imagine this: A stray lion flees from an African zoo, walks millions of miles to the United States, sneaks into the white house, and devours Trump and his entire family.

I know what you’re thinking; in such a situation, Mike Pence would be the next in line to take-on the mantle of the presidency.

If you honestly believe that, then you’re clearly not thinking clearly and have probably fallen victim to establishment propaganda.

Consider this: Immediately after the lion devours Trump, an earthquake occurs in Mike pence’s house, killing the vice president and opening the doorway for Bernie to take over the presidency. The earthquake only takes place in Pence’s house, so no one else is harmed.

Once again, you’re probably thinking that the speaker of the house would become the next president, followed by the president pro tempore of the Senate – should something happen to the speaker, and then the line of succession would go to the cabinet members.

Yea, yea, keep paying attention, I’m not done yet.

Suddenly, an asteroid crashes into the earth’s surface, killing everyone on the planet except Bernie Sanders.

With no one left to challenge him, Bernie would win the democratic nomination by default, and move on to the main election.

All he would have to do is convince the last man alive (himself) to vote for him, and the presidency would be his.

This isn’t some crazy conspiracy I made up, its all part of the constitution.

Remember; the revolution will not be televised.

Keep donating money to Bernie’s campaign, we’re going to win.

I just donated my children’s school fees to the Bernie campaign. They will probably have to drop out of school soon and my family will most certainly starve to death, but I know its all going to be worth it in the long run.

The revolution is coming.