Guy who accused Delta flight of “Islamophobia” has a history of inappropriate plane pranks


A YouTube star, Adam Saleh, alleged that he and his friend were forcefully removed from a Delta Air Lines flight after other passengers expressed discomfort with their presence on the plane. Adam Saleh, and his friend Slim Albaher, said they were asked by the captain to leave their flight at Heathrow Airport, after Adam spoke to his mother on phone in Arabic, and Slim followed by speaking to each other in Arabic, causing alarm among the passengers.

They uploaded a video to their Twitter account, which went viral, amassing thousands of Re-tweets and likes, and millions of views.


The hashtag #Boycottdelta begun trending on Twitter, with people showing support towards the YouTube star, demanding that Delta Air Lines should be boycotted.

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There’s just one problem:

The guy behind the controversy, has a long history of making pranks on a plane:

Here’s one in which he dresses up as stereo-typically as possible, to see how people will react:


Another on:


There’s more:


Here’s a video where he goes on a plane and pretends to countdown (to the detonation of a bomb), to see how people react:


The guy’s entire channel is littered with videos of him purposely speaking Arabic on planes in order to provoke a reaction:


In a statement released later, Delta Air Lines doubled down on their decision, stating that they had reason to believe that Adam and his friend intended to cause disruption on the plane.


Passengers on the plane who were interviewed later-on supported Delta Airline’s decision, stating that Adam meant to cause disruption:


A user on Reddit who was on the same flight gave his account of what happened and it was similar to that of the other eye witnesses:


He even provided a picture of his plane ticket to prove he was on the same flight:


Looks like you should have thought this one through, Adam.