Guy exposes girl who falsely accused him of rape

She Played herself.


I was scrolling through my Facebook news-feed yesterday, when I came across a post from a guy named Jerome, who I didn’t even know I had on my friends list until now. About a year ago, Jerome got into trouble when a female friend of his accused him of raping her, knowing very well that he never did. The rumor soon spread, Jerome lost a lot of friends and family and had his name seemingly tainted forever……… Until now.

In a Facebook post (Now deleted), Jerome revealed that the young lady who had accused him of raping her had added him on Facebook a year later and asked him to let the past be the past. Luckily, he was able to get a confession out of her. The Facebook post reads:

“As many of you know, I had horrible rumors spread about me last year and they still carry on to this day. Rumors about how I raped some girl called Georgia Bunt, she knew that this wasn’t true but still lied about it for a whole f*cking year. Today she decided to send me a friend request, so we had a little conversation and she admitted that I never raped her and that if I did she would of went to the police (which she did not). I am so glad I can finally clear my name and f*ck all of you that never believed me.”

He then attached the following screenshots:

For reference, “Luke” is the name of the girl’s boyfriend, who happens to hate Jerome, probably because he believes Jerome had raped his girlfriend.

Good for you Jerome. Guess we’ll add this to the list of false rape accusations that seem to be on the rise lately. Believe it or not, this type of stories happen way more often than you’d expect. Jerome got lucky, most men never get to clear their name.