Guy allegedly pretended to be ‘non-binary’ to rape 3 women


A local teen band in Lawrence, Kansas, has kicked out one of its band members over allegations that he had masqueraded as a “non-binary” person to gain the trust of women, in order to elicit sexual intercourse from them. He would, allegedly, later go on to rape 3 of these women.

Kainen Spooner, the man behind the controversy, has admitted to two of the sexual assault allegations, but maintained that the third one was false. He said in an apology, that although the two cases of intercourse were consensual, they were still “statutory rape” because both of his victims, aged 18 and 16, were underage at the time. He said that he, too, had been raped by a girl.

He claims to have been banned from “every punk show” by his peers (He plays guitar for a group called “Drippies”), and said that he has no intentions of attending them ever again. Finally, he said he was glad that we was being called out, and that criticism of him was “appropriate”.

“Hey y’all. Noah kicked me out of Drippies. I dont know if he’s told you anything but I want to be honest about it anyway since tonight I learned it’s not going away. When I was 20 years old me and my 18 year old partner had drunken sex. She later came out and said she felt raped and we broke up. That partner and l have talked in great length and laid it to rest, but it happened. Its important.
The other shitty thing i’ve done, and Jack knows this part Bennett, was that a year ago I hooked up with a 16 year old girl. It was consensual, but it was statutory rape and it
was gross and it was wrong. Sam Sayler accused me of a 3rd rape but wouldnt say
names and I truly believe its the girl who raped me because those are the 2 shitty things ive done. I dont know for sure, but Lauren and the girl who raped me are mutual friends,
so maybe. I will not repeat these mistakes. I havent. I will never.
but they’re still mistakes that I have to pay for, and for whatever reason that time is now. The clique that confronted me warned me that theyd banish me from every punk show, so you probably wont see me a lot. I dont even know if you still want to be friends after this, but I want to be honest.
I thought I could run away from lawrence and be a good person and bury it but I can’t. Tbh this reaction is completely appropriate. I probably need this”

A member of the band, Sam, made a post on Facebook to expose him to their peers and other people living in the city.

The post alleges that kainen often takes advantage of “non-binary” people, by pretending to be one of them and gaining their trust.

The band member commented that anyone who defended kainan was a “rape apologist”.

KANSAS CITY AND LAWRENCE PEOPLE. It was recently brought to my attention that this person (Kainen Spooner) sexually assaulted 3 local women. Not only that, but is also taking advantage of non binary people by admitting to using they/them pronouns in order to “be more easily trusted by women.” Not only is he a rapist but he has also been taking advantage of a marginalized group of people.
I as well as his former band mates (he has been kicked out of The Drippies) confronted him last Wednesday at a show at Snake Tank (which he has now been banned from). When I confronted him about the sexual assaults he admitted to 2 of them and proceeded to defend himself by saying that quote, “They were not violent or aggressive assaults so it has been resolved and is ok now.” SEXUAL ASSAULT IS SEXUAL ASSAULT VIOLENT OR NOT. I have 50+ mutual friends with this person.
There is no room for garbage like this in KC. If you want to defend this person, you are a rape apologist and can go ahead and remove me. Please stay safe and be aware that he is a predator and didn’t show any sort of remorse but rather defended his actions.
This isn’t a witch hunt. This is about keeping people informed of an admitted abuser in order to keep spaces and people safe.

Although Kainan has admitted to two of the allegations, the other band members seem determined to ostracize him because he tried to defend himself, instead of simply accepting his guilt.