Groom cancels wedding after seeing video of wife getting fucked at bachelorette party (VIDEO)


Imagine being driven to cancel your wedding, and then having to inform your guests that the reason the wedding is canceled is because you saw a video online of your wife getting fucked by a stripper at her bachelorette party. Its no secret that sexual stuff like this happens at bachelorette (and bachelor) parties, but you would at least expect the spouses to refrain from going too far and let their friends have all the fun, or maybe, at most, get a non-sexual lapdance/strip tease. This woman isn’t hearing any of that.

Surrounded by her friends who cheered her on, the bride-to-be lied down on her back while a complete stranger went into her holiest of hollies until he had his fill, eventually stopping to relieve himself by spattering jizz all over her face. Just ……..Beautiful. Its not exactly clear how the video got out, perhaps one of the attendees to the event leaked it to her husband or the woman herself did through gross negligence. Either way, the wedding is off.

According to Elite Readers, the story went viral online after someone shared the video and news of the canceled wedding on Facebook, where it gathered over 17,000 shares in a very short period of time. The video was eventually removed by Facebook for breaking its policy on nudity and pornography (Mark Zuckerberg is a Thot sympathizer).

Even though the video was removed from Facebook, I weaponized my autism and after a few hours of word search, reverse search, word analyzing and cross referencing, I finally found it. Its 3 minutes long and not bad at all. This woman sure knows how to take the D. Such a shame she won’t be taking her fiance’s anymore. This is just a random thought, but maybe she can start doing porn?… I mean, by definition, she already is a pornstar… Ba Dum Tss.

Watch the Video HERE.

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