Google forced to remove Maps feature after huge online backlash from fat people


A Google maps feature used for directions which shows how many calories you could be burning if you choose to walk instead of driving has been taken down by Google after facing online backlash from social activists. While Google’s motives may have been to help users lose excess weight and stay in shape, Tumble Inc. interpreted it as an attempt to fat-shame women.

While using the Google maps app to navigate their way to their various destinations, users received fun facts from Google such as how many calories they would be burning if they were walking instead of driving, and the cupcake equivalent of those calories (How many cupcakes they would have had to have eaten to gain those calories).

As can be expected, the Social Justice/fat acceptance crowd wasn’t very happy with this, because the mere suggestion that people should stay healthy is fat-phobic, and health can be found at every size…. or something. Fat women were quick to go on Twitter to call out Google for shaming them:

And in addition to everything you just read, apparently the app is also extremely triggering, generally shamey, useless and inaccurate, perpetuates “diet culture” and super dangerous.

Why do I get the feeling these people are just making stuff up?:

Google caved and nuked the feature from Google maps. Anyone who found the feature useful can now no longer access it because a bunch of fat snowflakes found it offensive.

Feminists are the reason we can’t have nice things.