Girl spared jail for being too pretty


Long time no see, huh? Its been months since I published an article on this blog and honestly, I’ve been missing shitposting. I won’t bore you guys with details of what has been taking my time aware from the internet (been working on some personal projects irl), but will assure you that I’m back foreal, and you can expect to see more shitposts from me in the future.

Thankfully, the Age Of Shitlords Facebook page survived the recent Zuckening, so shitposts will be coming that way too. I haven’t been up to date with happenings in the anti-feminist/anti-sjw community in the past few months, so it might take me a while to catch up. I have no doubt in my mind that there are some new memes I’ll have to familiarize myself with. In any case, lets get down to today’s rage-inducing story, in which a judge pretty much spares a girl jail time for being pretty.

A “glamourous” 19-year old teen, Tannah Knight-Olsen,  from Sydney who punched a woman in the back of her head, destroyed private property on two occasions and was caught with drugs in her possession has been spared jail time because according to the judge, “she would be a victim” in jail.

His exact words were:

‘Whilst I understand that you’re looking for something in life that eases your pain, (the drug use) makes you a worse person. She needs assistance and she needs that in the community – she’d just be a victim in jail.’

Remember, this is a girl who earlier this year was caught in the possession of marijuana and ice (also a drug). She has also faced violence charges, including incidents where she smashed a landline phone and a pot plant during disputes with family members – which she pleaded guilty to. And to top it all off, she assaulted  a woman in a bar.

She was initially sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, which the judge decided to throw out the window because who cares about rule of law anyway? “She’d be a victim in jail” has got to be the lamest defense I’ve ever heard… I mean, who wouldn’t be a victim in jail? I wonder if a man who had committed the same crimes as her would get off as easily.