Girl posts viral story of boyfriend abusing her on Facebook, boy’s mother slaps back with proof of her own


On July 8th, Shay Amidon posted a lengthy post on Facebook accompanied with several pictures and a video, alleging that her boyfriend, identified only as “Arne”, had systematically abused and physically assaulted her for over a year. Her post, which she addressed to “The girl after me” currently has well over 28,000 likes and 47,000+ shares. According to her, the boyfriend had charmed her with nice words, gifts and flowers and then gradually evolved into an abusive boyfriend. Attached to the post were several pictures of her seemingly bleeding from wounds inflicted by the boy:

A couple days later, the boy’s mother, Brandy Pasanen, made a post on Facebook too, which received its own fair share of likes and shares. The mother’s post, addressed to “The little girl crying wolf”, told a completely different story from what Shay had posted a couple days earlier. Apparently, Shay had a long history of falsely accusing others of assault for attention. She had even informed them that her own father had abused her, which is how she came to live with them in the first place.

We got into contact with Brandy, who further explained that Shay had a habit of picking fights with people, having picked fights with her, her son’s ex girlfriend and her parents (On Christmas day). She was subsequently arrested by the police, although nothing came off the arrests; She was let off with just a warning. Shay also has a history of self harming by cutting herself with sharp objects and drinking windex (A chemical for cleaning that can be fatal when injected into the human body). Brandy tagged her post “Justice for Arne”, “male domestic violence happens to men too” and “Justice for men”:

She has evidence to back up her claims too. Here are text conversations between Shay and the boy’s father, about her intentions to return to their house to pick up her remaining items. In the texts, she admits to getting into a fight with Melissa (The boy’s ex girlfriend) and her mother, although she claims it was Melissa who started it. She threatens to beat up the boy’s mother in the same way to, taunting that she isn’t afraid of “a couple more charges”. This is totes the action of a helpless victim, I’m sure /sarcasm:

All eye witnesses and people who know the two couple in real life collaborate the mother’s story too. They all describe Shay as a psychotic girl who loves to start needless drama. It seems almost everyone has had an unpleasant experience with her. A few are sympathetic to her, asserting that she is suffering from mental issues (She reportedly spent 3 days in a mental asylum).

Arne’s Boss gives his take:

Friend of her parents speak up:

Another acquaintance speaks up:

On top of everything else, she’s also extremely controlling and obsessive; getting into the boy’s social media accounts and harassing every girl he has added on as a friend:

This isn’t even the first time Shay has pulled a stunt like this; about a years ago, she wrote a similar fan-fiction about being in an abusive relationship:

Meanwhile, shay is currently receiving thousands of sympathies and support on Facebook from white Knights and simply ignorant people who believe her and don’t know any better. Brandy says her son and their family have been receiving tons of hate messages and threats from online users instigated by Shay’s post. I guess this is why they say you shouldn’t put your dick in crazy.

In her own words: