Girl complains on Facebook after wearing lingerie to school


It seems like doing stupid shit for attention and complaining when you get corrected is the latest trend nowadays. A teenage girl purposefully decided to wear inappropriate clothing to school and rightfully got called out by the dean of students (She wore thigh highs), which offended her. She said that being called out made her feel ashamed of being a student of the school.

The post she made on Facebook reads:

“Mica Peak Highschool. The school I was once so proud to be a part of. Up until today when the dean of students told me I should probably not wear these thigh-highs to school because they’re inappropriate. When asked why someone felt the need to make sure I am aware that what I was wearing was an issue, the dean explained that he doesn’t feel comfortable telling me why, so he must get a female staff member to speak with me. I’m ashamed of being a student at this school.”

She attached a selfie of her wearing the clothing she had been rebuked for:

cjaye swain

Yea, that looks like the type of dressing appropriate for school. Thankfully, as the post has gone semi viral on Facebook, a lot of people are calling her out in the comment section:

comment 1

comment 2 comment 3 comment 4 comment 5

There are even some troll comments:

troll comment

However, she seems to be enjoying the attention:

enjoying attention

UPDATE: The post has since been deleted from Facebook. An archive of it is available HERE.