is shutting down forever

Christmas came early this year, folks.


Remember a week ago, when I wrote an article about Gawker’s new website, “The Cuck”, and said that I enjoyed this “fuck the world” attitude that they had adopted for their last days? I was right. Those were their last days indeed. By now, I believe you are all familiar with the series of events that mark Gawker’s fall. If you aren’t, here’s just a quick recap:

Fast forward to yesterday, Gawker has been sold to Univision Communications, a Spanish-language media organization and guess what…

Wait for it……


Wait for it……

Wait …….


Wait ……..

They are shutting down

Univision has no interest in operating the cesspool of clickbait journalism that is They will however keep Gawker subsidiaries like Jezebel and Deadspin, but will be laid to rest permanently.

Gawker themselves published a farewell article on their front page to confirm the news (PS: Read the comments on the article for maximum butthurt).

Right now, the official narrative of Feminists and Sjws who are sympathetic towards Gawker, is that, this whole thing is proof of the evil capitalist system we live under, where two Millionaires (Hulk and Thiel) can bully an innocent media company and shut it down.


Meanwhile, the Anti-Sjw community is having a party on Twitter. Here are a few fun tweets:


gawk 1 gawk 2 gawk 3 gawk 4 gawk 5 gawk 6 gawk 7


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