Feminists offended by hashtag created by Feminists to mock men #IfMenHadPeriods


Another day on the Internet, another stupid hashtag created by Feminists and more hilarity for sane people everywhere. For several hours, the hashtag #IfMenHadPeriods was trending on Twitter, making fun of men and “Toxic masculinity”. The hashtag was created by Feminists to highlight what they think would happen if the genders were reversed and men experienced monthly menstruation.

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Everything was going okay, and they were having their fun until a new wave of Feminists came along. This new group of Feminists argued that the hashtag was Trans-phobic, because it ignores the existence of Trans-men. According to them, trans men can have periods too, and the idea that only women have them is “cisnormative”. So now Feminists are attacking other Feminists for making a hashtag that makes fun of men.

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As I always say; the ideology is so self contradictory and inconsistent that it’s bound to turn on itself one day.

Perhaps the only good thing to come from the hashtag was this meme:

be thanksful