Feminists freak out over Iron man cover


As most of you guys already know, Iron man is now a black teenage girl in the Marvel comics. Following Tony Stark’s fate at the end of Civil War II, the mantle of Iron man will now be carried by Riri Williams, a fifteen year old black girl genius.

Midtown Comics in collaboration with Marvel decided to sell a retailer exclusive cover of the upcoming Invincible Iron Man #1.

The cover, designed by J. Scott campbell, depicted Riri dressed in an armourless somewhat scantily tight clothing:


Boy, did the butthurt flow.

Apparently, not only is it bad to oppress women’s sexuality, its also bad to celebrate them:

angry-1 angry-2 angry-3

angry-4 angry-5

The artist behind the cover came forward to defend his work, and upon consideration decided not to engage his critics.

He referred to the controversy as an “SJW whine fest”:

scott-1 scott-2

But none of that really mattered, because Marvel decided to be giant pussies by pulling the cover and instructing sellers not to offer them out:



They will however be keeping an alternative cover of her in armoured clothing, drawn by the same artist.

I honestly do not see much of a difference: