Feminists didn’t stand a chance in 2016


Feminists, social Justice Warriors and Tumblr snowflakes can all agree on one thing; 2016 was a pretty shitty year for them. And not just because of the many celebrity deaths or terrorism, those things happen every other year. No, what made 2016 exceptional, is that it was the year that Society told the politically correct crowd to suck it.

On the 31st of December 2015, the last day of last year, Milo Yiannopoulos wrote an article for Breitbart titled “Coming 2016: All-out War on So-Called ‘Social Justice’”. In the article, Milo predicted that this year, people would finally stand up and rally against political correctness and the “safe spaces” movement. He predicted that people from all walks of life would band together to oppose the menace of thought policing:

“People of seemingly disparate interests and politics – gamers, pundits, metal-heads, comic book and science fiction fans, atheists, Catholics, conservatives, libertarians and even many disaffected liberals …….. rallying around the flag of freedom of speech”.

Milo couldn’t have been more right. The fight against social Justice Warriors, up until this year had been loosely connected and spaced in-between. From the whole “new atheism” controversy where Feminists sought to turn atheist communities into an SJW cult, to the “Gamergate” controversy, that was a push back against censorship in the Gaming Industry, different groups have been opposing political correctness in their own different ways for several years now.

But that all changed in 2016. In 2016, the fight against these Social Justice warriors wasn’t a disconnected one, it was a united one. It encompassed the political, social, economic and educational climate. It begun earlier on in this year, in January, when the People of Britain, by popular vote, decided to leave the European Union. It was then that the political correct crowd begun to realize that their cries of “racism, xenophobia, sexism…” didn’t work anymore. Whether you were personally for Brexit or against, it for whatever reason, there is no denying the fact that the results of the vote sent the Social Justice crowd into a frenzy. What a way to start the year.

Although University campuses are still heavily SJW dominated, we made some real progress this year. We are all now quite familiar with Professor Jordan Peterson, the clinical psychologist who caused a Shitstorm at the University of Toronto by delivering truth bombs that the students didn’t want to hear. It was that same Shitstorm that gave us “Trigglypuff”, the goddess incarnate of Tumblr. And let’s not forget the student who used his university’s own policy against them by officially changing his preferred pronoun to “His Majesty”, which the school board was obliged to recognize. Or how about that Shitlord student who decided to identify as a woman in order to compete for a student position designated for women? (He won by the way). And then to top it all off, the University of Chicago told its incoming freshmen that it does not support Trigger warnings or safe spaces.

The entertainment industry and Hollywood had its fair share of Anti-Sjw traction too. This is an industry that has been dominated by Feminist rhetoric for such a long time. Remember a few months ago, when snowflakes threw a hissy fit because there weren’t enough black people nominated for Oscars and several actors came out to defend artistic freedom? Or how about when Lil Wayne surprised everyone during an interview about racism and black lives matter, by basically telling BLM suck it? Or how about the several times that Feminists tried to recruit Ronda Rousey and failed?

However, all of these incidents were pale in comparison to the blow that was dealt to Social Justice warriors on the Internet. We were only halfway through the year when Hulk “fuck your clickbait” Hogan sued Gawker so hard that they had to declare bankruptcy, shut down operations and then sell their parent company to the highest bidder. Its worth noting that Gawker’s demise isn’t a stand out event. We reported a few months ago that Feminist websites were losing traffic and revenue at an alarming rate. Its only going to get worse for them.

Let’s also make sure to not forget the greatest Shitposting event of the year: The Triggering. This event is actually quite dear to our hearts, because we here at AgeOfShitlords wrote the original article that rallied people for the event. We even made a compilation of the BEST TWEETS and the BUTTHURT TWEETS of the event. What a glorious occasion it was. (Side Note: The Triggering will return in 2017. We will announce details as the day draws nearer).

Oh, and let’s not forget how the Ghostbusters reboot failed miserably, after the actors and production team spent several months calling all their critics sexist and racist. And then later on in the year, Amy Schumer released a book that bombed miserably. She later went on to blame “Internet Trolls” for bad online reviews which affected the book’s sales.

And then along came Hugh Mungus, the man who stood up for dad jokes and pissed off one crazy Feminist in the process. The Internet went on to raise over $130,000 to aid him in his personal struggles.

And then finally, to top it all off, Donald J. Trump was elected as president of the United States. Several people like Seth MacFarlane noted that the far left’s love for crying wolf accounted for Trump’s unprecedented victory.  Thanks to snowflakes and political correctness, Republicans now control the presidency, the senate and the house of representatives. This is the future you chose.

These are but a few of the controversies that made 2016 such a terrible year for Feminists in general. It would take me all year to list them all: There’s the vegan who climbed Everest to prove vegans could do anything, and then died (This one is a bit of dark humor, but what the heck), the woman who lost custody of her child after forcing it to be transgender, Smugglypuff getting arrested, a feminist getting exposed for bullying an autistic guy, Feminists turning on Lena Dunham, I could go on and on…. The bottom line is; People are fed up with race baiting, political correctness and this culture of victim-hood, and they’re not going to stand for it anymore. I’m not sure if its “meme magic”, an act of some supernatural being, or just the effects of our shitposting, but we are winning this culture war and Feminism is seeing its last few days.

If these SJWs haven’t learnt their lesson this year, then 2017 is just going to be a repeat of 2016.

I guess now is as good a time as any to wish all our readers a happy new year. Thanks to everyone who has been with us for the past 12 months through all the hard and good times. Thanks to everyone who stayed with us through the deletion of our Facebook page, everyone who reads the shit we post, everyone who supports us in one way or the other, the people who send us content or give us ideas, and even to the people who send us hate mail after getting offended by our posts.

May you have a Shitlord-worthy new year.

See you all in 2017.