Feminists attack Emma Watson for showing cleavage


It seems like Emma Watson just can’t catch a break with this whole Feminism thing. Every time she tries to do something to support the women’s rights movement, it always ends up bowing up in her face. What did she do this time? She posed in a photo-shoot for Vanity fair’s March issue. The photo-shoot was aimed at promoting her upcoming role in Beauty and the Beast (2017).

vanity fair cover emma watson

But that’s not the picture they are offended by, this next one is.

Apparently, she showed too much cleavage. The heading of the page, “Beauty and the breasts”, isn’t doing her any favors either.

emma watson beauty and the breasts

Apparently, not only is it bad to tell women what to do with their body, its also bad when women decide for themselves what they want to do with their body.

Radio presenter and former Guardian writer, Julie Hartley-brewer, was one of the first on the scene.

julia hartley

According to one Twitter user, showing cleavage in a picture means you now support CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation).

We pedos now…

emma clueless luvvie

Wew lad.

These Feminists are crazy people. I sure hope she doesn’t get called a “white Feminist” because of this pho….

emma white feminist

Now, to be fair, not every Feminist was against her for the photo-shoot. A lot, maybe even most of them, called out her critics.



This, I think, is a sentiment that most sane people can agree with. People should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies. There’s just one problem with these Feminists pretending to support free choice.

These same Feminists have vehemently railed against “sexualized” TV and video game characters, “sexualized” magazines and books, and even porn, on the basis that they are dehumanizing to women. They have even criticized The Sun’s “page 3”, which often features topless model, for this very reason.

Don’t these models have free choice as well? What about porn actresses? Isn’t porn okay on the basis that the actresses featured in them choose to act in these films?

feminists hypocrite