Feminists are launching a database to identify everyone who disagrees with them

George Orwell rolls in his grave.


The feminist themed website Socialautopsy.com is attempting to create what it calls a “database where we capture [people] exercising [their free speech] rights and create digital records for them that anyone can access.”

The website, which prides itself on being a tech startup run almost completely by women, claims that the Internet offers people the chance to harass and abuse others without any fear of repercussions – which they are attempting to change.

“For every cat meme your best friend tweets at you, or for every ‘I miss you comment’ your grandma leaves on your Facebook wall, there are literally thousands of hate speech being circulated online. Because when communication happens through a screen, and when moments are experienced through a lens, a terrifying expression takes place. The age of technology and social media has slowly disintegrated individual accountability. The consequences of which are devastating”

A video uploaded on the project’s kickstarter page says.

“We are fostering a society of online bullying, social tormenting and irresponsible sharing”

“UNTIL NOW” the video states.

The founder of the project, Candace Owens, claims she wants to bring the Internet back to the “old school ‘say it to my face’ mentality”. “The answer is simple” she says, “we can achieve this through accountability”. 

She explains that the way the website works, is that, people collect and take screenshots of other people’s online activities, link and connect them to their place of work, and attach that person’s personal information (which technically counts as doxxing), so that anyone, anywhere, can search for and access them.

The kickstarter page goes on to state that they have secured a temporary patent for their “technology” and that a large portion of the donations they receive for the project will go towards paying their legal team to handle legal problems they expect to face.

Understandable, you cannot reveal people’s information online without expecting some backlash, who would have thought?

The website plans to launch with at least 150,000 profiles, and they promise to pay for a team of interns during the summer to increase productivity.

The social Autopsy website (not yet functional), has features that allows anyone to search their database, and submit the profile of literally anyone:

site social autopsy

The submit a person sections then prompts you to state the individual’s First and last names, their city/state, their current employer, their social media accounts, their school, and finally, screenshots of their “actual words, comments, statuses and tweets”

submit 1

submit 2


At the writing of this articles (14th April, 2016), the project current has 54 backers, pledging a sum total of $4,244. By kickstarter policy, the project will only be funded if at least the $75,000 goal is pledged by

Evidently, we’re not the only people alarmed by the project, as 530 people have already signed a petition for kickstarter to terminate the campaign. The petition, which describes the project as Orwellian, argues that the methods employed by Social Autopsy encourages individuals to feed others social media information into their database for tracking purposes intended to be used in mob bullying, shaming and harassment tactics. “This effort to collect data even includes (and in their own words actively seeks) data on legal minors and young people. “

“In addition to being ethically questionable, their desired platform also poses significant legal questions in respect to privacy throughout the US and EU which must be fully addressed before this can, if at all be allowed to move forward. Beyond this, submissions to the site of names and social media information are themselves anonymous, making such the perfect online tool for revenge smearing or personal attacks.

Though posed as an anti-bullying effort, it is in reality nothing short of an attempt to create a new platform by which to use mob and bullying tactics to attack those with whom the creators and users dislike or disagree with. We who have signed this petition implore Kickstarter to cancel SocialAutopsy.com’s campaign effort so as to protect countless individuals, including those whose names and information have already been added into their database without their permission from the sorts of bullying tactics that the site and its creators intend on it being used for.

Additionally, I’d like to encourage all signers to report the campaign to Kickstarter as a violation of its community guidelines.”

The petition argues. And they’re not wrong.

Anyone who thinks this is an “anti-bullying” campaign is either incredibly stupid, or willfully ignorant. This is just another attempt by Social Justice crybabies to create the means, which allow them to get people fired from their workplaces and ruin their lives, just for holding differing opinions from them – Just as they have done so many times before.

Why this project will not work

As soon as Social Autopsy launches, I myself plan on uploading lots of fake profiles and photo shopped images onto their database, and I will advice everyone else to do the same. The website boasts that it allows users to upload people’s information anonymously, and that anonymity will be its ultimate undoing. Good luck going through thousands of submissions to find which ones are legitimate. Anyone who donates money to this project is being duped, it will never work. The Internet won’t let it.

UPDATE: Funding for the project has been suspended by Kickstarter. We are not currently aware why, or if this article had anything to do with it, either way, we here at AgeOfShitlords are glad with their decision. Thanks for standing for free speech, Kickstarter.


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