Feminist websites are losing Traffic and revenue


The patriarchy strikes again, I never imagined this day would come. From Buzzfeed to Salon to Gawker through to the Huffington post and vice, several websites known for publishing Feminist-esque and Social Justice warrior tier articles are dying, and dying very fast.

The first one to bite the dust was Gawker media. This should come as a surprise to no one who follows the news, as the blogging site was just a month ago slapped with a $140 million fine for publishing a leaked sex tape of Hulk hogan. A year earlier on, the online Internet movement “Gamergate” had cost them at least seven figures. However, even before the Hulk Hogan trial, Gawker was already seeing a decline in traffic:

gawker losing traffic

Gawker’s long list of articles contains gems like

None of the above articles or any of the other articles found on Gawker Media are satire.

Meanwhile at Buzzfeed, the social blogging site has slashed its 2016 revenue forecast in half, after missing missing its 2015 target by more than $80 million.

Breitbart reports:

BuzzFeed missed its revenue target by approximately 32 percent in 2015, making less than $170 million against a target of $250 million. It would seem that articles like “18 Cats Who Are Beyond Pumped For Taylor Swift’s New Album” might not have been as popular as investors thought.”

Salon, another Feminist hive-mind, was recently forced to lay off six long-time staffers, including Assistant Managing Editor Ruth Henrich and Life Editor Kim Brooks. Salon CEO Cindy Jeffers later confirmed that the layoffs were due to budget cuts at the company.

However, Buzzfeed, Salon and Gawker are not the only websites suffering from a decline in traffic and revenue. According to Breitbart, most of the other Millennials websites weren’t doing so well:

“We find a similar story when we look at other left-wing new media publications. The Huffington Post recently let go dozens of employees after suffering tanking traffic figures,while Demand Media recently sold its floundering left-wing comedy site Cracked.com to E.W. Scripps. “Demand has shrunk down to a company that’s running a handful of content sites with declining traffic and revenue,” Re/code bluntly explained. And then there’s The New Republic: once a respected, high-brow political magazine, the publication was recently sold after former owner Chris Hughes tried and failed to convert it into a BuzzFeed-like content factory.

What about Vice Media? The company has attracted eye-watering sums of investment,recently closing a $200 million deal with Disney. Last year, its valuation rose to $4.5 billion, and it projected revenues of $1 billion. Yet this year it appears to be on course for disaster: its head of ad sales  recently resigned after the site suffered a shocking 17.4 percent crash in traffic.

Vice’s vaunted efforts to move into TV have also proven a monumental disappointment. Viceland, its cable TV network, bombed on launch. Despite efforts by the company to suppress ratings data, the International Business Times discovered that its ratings were 77 percent lower than the channel it replaced. In raw numbers, Viceland received an average of just 60,400 viewers per day in its first week — fewer than many amateur YouTube channels.

I have often pointed out that most of the views and traffic that these clickbait Feminist sites receive aren’t from hardcore Feminist readers, but from anti-feminists who are so alarmed by the ridiculousness of the articles that they just have to share it with their friends. When you see an article from Buzzfeed claiming that scientists finding water on Mars was misogynistic, you just can’t help but share it on Facebook to ridicule the absurdity of it. While making fun of stupid people is objectively a good thing, you are actually giving them attention, or in this case, Traffic. The more traffic you give them for writing stupid articles, the more stupid articles they will write in the future. It is simple supply and demand.

However, With the rise of Internet tools like archive.is, which allows you to share articles without giving them revenue, and adblock, which allows you to block all advertisement on a site that you visit, these clickbait sites are in for some hard times ahead. People are catching on, and slowly, these Feminist sites are losing their edge.

Perhaps the next step is to stop sharing their articles altogether. The next time you see an article from Buzzfeed titled “Top five reasons cats hate men” or an article from Vice titled “Why men cannot be raped”, don’t share it, or try to prove it wrong, just ignore it. Ignoring it does more damage than all the debunking you and your friends could have done. Or at least archive the webpage if you can’t go without making fun of the article. Its time to start beating political correctness where it matter most – in their pockets.


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