Feminist idiots are now wearing safety pins


To protest against Donald Trump’s victory in the US elections, Feminists have decided to start wearing safety pins as a sign of “solidarity” towards people who are scared of his presidency.

“By fastening a safety pin to their clothing, people are declaring themselves allies to groups who have been maligned by Trump, to show that they stand in solidarity with anyone who might be afraid.” A Huffington post article reads.


The movement is in retaliation to supposed violence and bigotry that people have suffered following Trump’s victory. Keep in mind that most of the stories so far are too unbelievable and unrealistic to be true, not to mention the fact that most of them have been debunked already. In fact, a student who made up a story about being attacked by two white male Trump supporters has been charged by Lafayette police, on grounds of filing a false police report. She claimed that the Trump supporters beat and abused her, and then admitted later that she made the whole thing up.

Feminists across the country are uploading pictures of themselves on social media wearing the safety pins:

pin-1 pin-2 pin-3

Anyone else seeing the irony in this? These guys believe that Hitler II has just been elected, and they want to start marking their clothing?

Are they trying to make it easier for Hitler II to identify and pick them off?

The whole thing looks like a 4chan prank, except it’s not, and these people are actually serious.

Now here’s the real mind-fuck:

The person who invented safety pins, Walter Hunt, also invented the the Winchester repeating rifle (One of the best guns ever invented).

Are you triggered yet?