Feminist gets fired for insulting men, but wait till you hear about her other job


A woman has been fired from her waitress job because of her anti-male comments which were offending people and running off patrons of the cafe.

In a written statement, the owner of the cafe gave his reasons for firing her and specifically cited her constant political speeches which she made during work hours. She continued to disturb the peace despite the management of the shop warning her several times to continue her political debates on her own time.

Walsh would often get into vocal political discussions with customers during her shifts, often sitting down with the diners in their booths. We sometimes had to ask her to return to her duties and advised her to continue her discussions when she was off the clock. These disciplinary instances were never about politics or free speech, but simply reminder of her job and responsibility to all customers.

Interestingly enough, Moira Jayne Walsh isn’t a full time waitress, that’s just a part time job. She also happens to be a state representative for Rhode island. In a Facebook post,  she stipulated that she had been fired because someone had posted a one-star review on Yelp for the restaurant.

The cafe owner however cited different reasons for firing her. The owner complained in the statement that Walsh was using her job to promote her agenda, and encouraging her supporters to damage the reputation of the cafe. She would constantly leave her duties to pick arguments with customers in the shop.

This not a male vs. female issue, nor is it a case of attempting to silence someone’s free speech. This is an example of someone taking advantage of a captive audience to promote their own political views.

For newly elected public servant to whip the media and her supporters into a frenzy with unfounded accusations, demanding a boycott and portraying our family in such a negative light is profoundly upsetting and potentially damaging to my family’s livelihood.

The Blaze reports that Walsh, who refers to herself as a “one-person riot,” had posted a comment on her Facebook page blasting men in December, saying, “Peace on earth, good will to WOMEN. I am DONE giving you men my good will. You don’t do anything good with it. All my holiday cheer is for women femmes and trans. Signed, Frustrated women fighting patriarchal oppression one Facebook rant at a time.”

Walsh tried to play the victim by claiming that she had been harassed by the Cafe owner, and called her working conditions “intolerable”. She offered an anecdote about the alleged harassment from her boss. “There was a conversation that I had with him one day,” she offered. “I said ‘Ray, who do I go to for sexual harassment? When the person I go to for sexual harassment is the one who sexually harasses me?’ and he chuckled, and said, ‘yes, a little catch-22, right? I set it up that way.’”

When asked if she was planning any further action, implying a lawsuit, she gave an answer that was “hard to follow” according to the talk show host, Matt Allen.

I wasn’t, y’know, I didn’t – I didn’t say anything about this because I was over it a week ago. At first I was really upset, but I’ve spent an entire week where nobody manhandled me, or called me the c-word, or refused to tip me based on, y’know, the lack of smile that came with the pancakes? Like I have been enjoying the dignity that comes with not being in the restaurant industry for a week, and it’s been a delight.

Perhaps she should stop pushing her political views on people who just want to eat?