Feminist claims sex dolls can be raped


    Katie Parker, who founded the School’s Consent Project which teaches pupils about consent, has said sex dolls that allow men to “rape” them should be made illegal in the UK.

    Parker used the Roxxxy sex doll, launched by US-based True Companion, as an example of what should be prohibited.

    True Companion is selling sex dolls for £7,670 ($10,000) which will allow users to choose what color hair, what style of hair, eye and eyebrow color, pedicure color, skin tone and the shape and type of pubic hair.

    Roxxxy is the main ‘sexbot’ which costs £7,700 but can provide companionship and social interactions for lonely men, the company states.

    Roxxxy, which can have multiple personalities to cater to its user’s preferences, has an option called “Frigid Farrah” which sets the sex doll to resist sexual advances. True Companion maintains that Roxxxy is not programmed to participate in a scenario involving rape but Parker seems to disagree.

    “Some say these robots reinforce the objectification of women and the commodification of sex; others, that they allow otherwise isolated individuals to experience intimacy. Either way, Roxxxy is a different beast,” Parker claims on her blog. “The fact that she is not a thinking, feeling human does not make her existence unproblematic. The robots normalize sexual violence. They service and provide a distraction for criminal impulses that should probably be subject to psychiatric intervention.”

    Parker also claims that users are promised if they touch Roxxxy “in a private area, more than likely she will not be too appreciative of your advance.”

    “The proven relationship between one’s behavior and the type of content one if exposed to makes a strong case for criminalization,” she says.

    True Companion says these allegations are “pure conjecture,” as Roxxxy is designed to “provide her opinion or feedback, just as any person would on a date” which is intended to be able “to help people understand how they can be intimate with a partner.”

    Story Via Milo.