Feminist bullies Autistic guy on Facebook


Today, I bring you another one of those “Shit that never happened” type of stories, except this one actually did happen, and its quite depressing. You know it’s real because nobody was clapping to the end. Stuff like this is what happens when you convince yourself that you’re an oppressed minority when you’re really not. You go through life looking for things to get offended about and get angry at the most mundane of things.

A self proclaimed Feminist by name Laura Miller was travelling on a Tram in Melbourne when she came across an autistic young man(An actual Autist, not the Internet type of Autism). The guy was undoubtedly mentally challenged and while on the train, he tried to get a high five from some women on the train. That’s it. He didn’t rape anyone, he didn’t assault anyone, he just wanted a high five. So what does this young lady do? She took a picture of him, went on Facebook to rant about it, and then begun a witch hunt for the guy.

But no need to take my word for it, I’ll just let her tell the story herself:

laura 1 laura 2 laura 3 laura 4

Keep in mind that this was just her side of her story and yet she still looks like an asshole. If we heard the guy’s or anyone else’s narration of the event, I’m pretty sure we’d hear something completely different.

As at the time these screenshots were taken, the post had only around 50,000 likes with about 8,000 shares. However, at the time I saw the post myself, it was well around 80,000 likes with several thousand more shares.

After the post went viral from thousands of Feminists sharing it, people begun to look for the guy and finally found him. They sent hate messages to him and his family and basically just harassed the poor guy without bothering to hear his side of the story or taking into consideration that he had a disorder which he couldn’t control. Several individuals who knew the guy in person messaged Laura, asking her to take the post down, explaining that the guy was mentally challenged. She didn’t care. She was Internet famous, and that’s all that really mattered to her.

disabled 1

Around this time, the post had made it’s rounds around Facebook and got to our side of the web. Several anti-feminist pages and personalities had shared the post and she was getting some blow-back. Apparently, people were sending her dick pics and hate.

(She has since deleted this post, but not before I took a screenshot):

laura dicks

laura blowback
Some individuals had already reported her to law enforcement for harassing a mentally challenged person and she feared that she might actually get into trouble for this.

Eventually, she deleted the post and every other post she had made relating to the incident.

Sadly, it was too late. Millions of people had already seen and shared this guy’s picture online. I can only imagine what he must be going through right now.