Family guy takes its biggest shot at Social Justice warriors yet, in hilarious new episode


I haven’t watched Family guy in a very long time (Since around season 8/9), because the jokes got a little too repetitive for me and I found the whole series just sort of boring. But thanks to recommendations from a friend and some of my Facebook followers, I decided to check out their latest episode (Season 16 – episode 6) titled “The D in Apartment 23”.

The episode took so many hilarious shots at Social Justice Warriors and Tumblr victim-culture that I’m considering going back to watch all the episodes I skipped.

Brian and Stewie visit a college campus at the beginning of the episode, where they see a group of students holding signs and shouting at something. “Looks like a student rally” Stewie says. “They probably forgot to study for an exam, so they organized a protest. In the 90s you just pull a fire alarm, now you hold a protest. That is….. when they’re not looking down on their phones”.

Upon further investigation, they learnt from one of the protesters that the cause of the commotion was “someone wrote ‘weird’ on the transgender bathroom and the school president didn’t overreact, so we want him fired”. The student continues… “And last week a professor told his class to have a nice day, which is a micro-aggression, because in our systemic rape culture, no day is a nice day. So we want him fired too”:

The protester convinces Brian to join Twitter, which he does and spends most of his time doing that whole day. Before entering a cinema the next day, he decides to send out one last tweet before letting go of his phone: “About to see the new kevin Heart movie….. Just kidding, I’m white and went to college. #BayWatchMovie”.

Within the time it took Brian to finish watching the movie, his Tweet had gone viral and his phone was blowing up with criticism, insults and death threats. By the time he left the cinema, the entire city was out looking for him. The mob eventually chased him home for his insensitive joke. The next day, the entire Griffin family were ostracized by their friends and family for living with a racist dog, leading to this Kingsman-themed fight scene that occurs when Meg and Chris get attacked by the “sensitivity mob”:

I could go on and on about the episode, but I don’t want to ruin any more of it.

You can watch the episode on the Fox website if you live in the United States (and some parts of Europe), or you can pirate it online like everyone else.