Fake transgender Shitlords just trolled Buzzfeed and made them look like idiots


The media publishing fake stories is turning into a daily occurrence now. Its gotten so bad that its no longer funny anymore, its just really scary. Makes you wonder what other viral stories in the news are fake. Nobody researches anything anymore. Its like the mainstream media stopped hiring trained reporters to write their stories in order to save money and just replaced them bloggers from Tumblr. I run a Shitposting website and even I do more background reading and research than most of these “journalists”.

4 days ago, Buzzfeed published an article alleging that a group of trans women were rejected from a female online gaming tournament for being unable to present female passports. That story has now been proven as a hoax perpetrated by Internet trolls, to once again trick the mainstream media into publishing fake stories (To prove what little fact-checking they do).

Before I go into the trolling part, here’s the original article from Buzzfeed. They have removed it from their website, but the Internet never forgets:

Sly Buehl Rigilio, a transgender gamer who lives in Sicily, Italy, told BuzzFeed News via email that her recent gender transition has been tough as she is an “avid gamer”.
“I have been gaming since I was around 10. Gaming has always helped me cope with the burden of not being able to express my true feelings fully,” she said.
“As you’ve probably heard, we’re not very welcomed in this community, at least among the average player. [But when] I met a group of other transgender girls, things started to look up from there.”
Rigilio and her fellow gamers play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (a first-person shooter game) and were excited to enter an online female tournament starting on 30 April, hosted by the Electronic Sports League (ESL) and organised by the Munich Finest Gaming company in Germany.
The tournament, called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 5on5 Female Open Summer 2017, was established after requests from female gamers, aimed to foster talent among women in esports.
But after Rigilio sent in her team’s entry on 28 April, she received an email rejecting the request and stating: “No males are allowed. Please take care fake your gender can be [penalised].” [sic]
Rigilio alleges the team was rejected based of the photographs they supplied.
“Now when I saw this [email], I almost broke down in tears; here I am thinking we finally have a shot to shine and show our true colours to the gaming world… and then we get shut down based on our looks, because we didn’t look ‘female’ enough for them,” she said.
Rigilio wrote to the Munich Finest Gaming support team, asking for an explanation about why they were banned and accusing the organisers of discrimination.
An admin replied and said they could enter the team into the tournament manually – but only after each team member submitted a passport marked female.
Two more attempts to enter the tournament by Rigilio were met with messages simply stating “female only”.
According to information provided by ESL and the Munich Finest Gaming company, every new sign-up is automatically rejected in order to prevent trolls and divert genuine competitors to identity checks.
ESL’s director of communications, Anna Rozwandowicz, told BuzzFeed News that Rigilio’s team was not barred because they are transgender, but because they failed to produce female passports.
“The bottom line of this dispute is that the Female Open tournament is a German event, held in Germany, organized by a German company [Munich Finest Gaming], and as such the rulebooks have to comply with German common law,” she said. “And in Germany at this point, your official, legal gender is the one that’s listed in your passport or any other government-issued ID.
“I completely understand the team’s frustration at the situation, but I also understand that our admins have done their jobs by following the rules as it was required of them.”
But Rigilio contends the team was singled out and “judged based off of our looks”.
“The company clearly doesn’t take initiative in explaining [the automatic rejection process], which leads me to believe they don’t actually do that to everyone,” she said.
“It’s extremely upsetting and I wish we could be treated like normal people, because we are just that. Just when I thought gaming could be our outlet, we were wrong.”
She added that the gaming company should have stated in the rules that transgender women are not allowed so her team wouldn’t have “wasted our time”.
The tournament rules state that every team with five female players has the right to play.
“Due to the specific restriction of this tournament, only female players are allowed to play,” the rules say. “If we are not sure about the gender of any player we will need an official documentation stating a players’ gender is female.”
Rigilio said it was “completely disgusting” and excluded transgender women to require the team to submit their passports.
“Gender isn’t just as simple as what was written on your old passport, there’s more to it,” she said.
“Some of us have already started [hormone replacement therapy], and some others are fairly new to coming out and expressing themselves as a female. I know some of the girls in the group have yet to go through the trouble of getting their info changed on [their passports], so we are out of luck.”
Rozwandowicz said there had been multiple incidents of male players trying to enter female tournaments as a joke.
“As female tournaments are meant to help develop and support the female eSports scene, we are extra careful to triple-check that those who want to participate in female tournaments, are also eligible to do so,” she said.
“For the record, I am not saying that we think the team in question is trying to troll us – I am saying that the extra checks we performed on them, we performed on everyone else to ensure the competitive integrity of the tournament is safeguarded.”
In partnership with Intel, ESL founded the AnyKey organisation, which promotes diversity in esports.
The AnyKey website states it is committed to a “long term vision of a gaming community that is welcoming to all players, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, religious belief, background, or physical appearance.”
Buzzfeed has now edited their article to admit that they were indeed trolled into publishing a hoax. They came to realize that the story they had published was fake, not through their own research, but because the trolls behind the story revealed it themselves to Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars:
A group of online comedians who plotted to fool BuzzFeed into posting a completely fake news story were successful after the “social news and entertainment company” published hoax claims that the group had been denied entry to an all female video game tournament because they were transgender.
“Over the past 2 weeks we set up a plot to see if we could trick Buzzfeed into posting something that is fake, for the laughs,” Sly Buehl Rigilio told Infowars.
And it worked. BuzzFeed fell right into the trap.
“There was a female only tournament hosted by a company known as ESL (Electronic Sports League), for a game called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We decided to pose as a “transgendered” pro team, we made it as ridiculous as possible by uploading obvious troll pics to our profiles on the tournament’s website (pics of us wearing wigs, etc). We knew we were going to get declined into joining the tournament, so once we did get turned down, I then sent an email to a Buzzfeed “journalist” by the name of Lane Sainty to try and bait them into making a story out of it,” adds Rigilio.
After bombarding Sainty with the “poor me victim approach,” BuzzFeed “instantly jumped at the chance to write an article about it,” says Rigilio.
BuzzFeed’s story, entitled These Trans Women Were Asked To Show Their Passports To Enter A Female Gaming Tournament, quoted Rigilio at length describing his (completely fake) battle against transgender discrimination.
The article repeated Rigilio’s hoax claim that his transgender team were banned from the tournament because of the photographs they supplied and that he “almost broke down in tears” when he found out. The article also quoted Rigilio as saying some of his team had started “hormone replacement therapy”.
Ironically, the Electronic Sports League rejected Rigilio’s fake transgender team “in order to prevent trolls,” a possibility that BuzzFeed failed to consider before it published the fake news story.
ESL’s director of communications, Anna Rozwandowicz, even told BuzzFeed that “there had been multiple incidents of male players trying to enter female tournaments as a joke,” but BuzzFeed failed to realize that that’s exactly the stunt Rigilio was pulling before publishing the fake story.
All BuzzFeed had to do was Google search “Rigatoni Family,” to discover that the outfit was a troll group with conservative sympathies and that the story was likely to be totally bogus, but they failed to perform this basic due diligence.
“We did nothing to hide our team name, which was “Rigatoni Family” and if you were to search that name into Google, you’d find our channel and website where we clearly are shit disturbers. It’s blatant negligence on the behalf of Buzzfeed and other news orgs that have since picked up the story, aka Fake News,” Rigilio tells Infowars.
The Rigatoni Family has a goofy website and a satirical YouTube channel that includes a video making fun of HIllary Clinton voters, but BuzzFeed failed to check any of this before publishing the fake news story.
Rigilio forwarded Infowars emails confirming that Sainty ran the story past BuzzFeed editors before the go-ahead was given to publish the article.
“If you come across more incidents like this, I would love to hear about them,” Sainty told Rigilio in her final email.
Yeah, probably best to do a little more research next time, BuzzFeed.
The fake story even set off a debate amongst BuzzFeed’s SJW readers as to whether or not the transgender players should be allowed to compete with biological females because, as one commenter put it, “Women need safe spaces, and misogyny is rife in the gaming community.”
This is a reference to the “GamerGate” controversy, during which many gamers complained that leftists were inserting their political correctness agenda into video game design, sacrificing quality in favor of virtue-signaling and feminist tokenism.
Kotaku, a video game website that has been accused of pandering to social justice warriors in the past, alsoreported on the fake news story and quoted Rigilio complaining of the abuse he received from the Electronic Sports League. Mashable also published an article about the fake story.
Having been completely trolled, Electronic Sports League announced that it would be “working with diversity-focused partner organization AnyKey to revise the rules” of its tournament.
The whole farce underscores how the left’s insistence that gender is fluid and can be anything the individual decides on a whim only leads to confusion and a complete lack of proper discernment. Throughout both articles, Rigilio is referred to as “she” despite the fact that he is definitely a he.
Rigilio says the whole episode emphasizes “how hard it is to take Buzzfeed and other bad news organizations serious.” Indeed, it’s interesting to note how BuzzFeed jumped at the story without any proper vetting simply because it correlated with their hysterical social justice narrative.
Of course, this is not the first time that BuzzFeed has published completely fake news. They infamously released the Donald Trump ‘pissgate’ dossier which has been vehemently debunked.
BuzzFeed, which last week was forced to respond to the scandal of their employees joking about the assassination of President Trump, previously attacked Infowars for publishing fake news (we were similarly tricked by another individual into publishing a bogus story).
The fact that BuzzFeed News, which likes to think of itself as part of the mainstream media and decries Infowars as having zero credibility, fell for the same exact stunt, is particularly ironic.


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