Facebook shut down our Anti-Feminist page


So much for Facebook being an open space for free exchange of ideas. Our Facebook page named “Getting PTSD From Tumblr posts without Trigger warnings” got shut down on Wednesday with no clear explanation given by Facebook. We’re not sure if it was due to mass reports from Feminists or just general Facebook censorship, but Feminists on Tumblr are having a party about it. We’ve already received several emails from Feminists trying to take credit for us going down.

On Wednesday, we logged onto Facebook and received this notification telling us that our page with almost 180,000 likes had been unpublished:


A message was displayed on top of the page, informing us that our page had been unpublished for not following the Facebook terms of service. The message gave us the option to appeal the decision, stating that if our appeal was denied, the page would be deleted from Facebook permanently. The appeal doesn’t let you argue your point or try to explain yourself, it’s simply a button that you press.


Naturally, we deleted several hundred posts from the page that might be construed as “offensive”, and then appealed the decision.

We received this notification a few hours later:


The page has since disappeared from Facebook and can no longer be accessed, even by the admins.

We have received widespread support from other anti-feminist pages like Occupy democrats logic, Tumblr In action, Disdain for Plebs and Anti-Feminazi, all of whom have called out Facebook for snuffing our different opinions. Even Lauren Southern made a post on her Facebook profile showing support.

In the meantime, we have created a back-up page which can be found HERE, where we will continue to post until Facebook re-instates the original page.

Be sure to follow and share the new page.

Here’s to hoping Facebook corrects their mistake soon.