Even Reddit liberals have had enough of Bill Nye


Ever since the debut of Bill Nye’s new TV show “Bill Nye saves the world”, he has received a lot of criticism from anti-feminists, libertarians, conservatives, alt righters, and pretty much everyone who disagree with him politically. This is nothing surprising, Bill Nye has always been openly left wing and espouses liberal views on his show, so he must have known that non-liberals weren’t going to be big fans. What he might not have counted on is that even liberals, most of whom are lifetime fans of his, hate the new show.

Today, the top voted post on Reddit with over 52,000 points was a post criticizing Bill’s new show (If you don’t know how Reddit works, 52,000 points is quite high and indicative of a lot of users being in agreement with the post). The post, titled “I think I’m done with Bill Nye. His new show sucks” was posted to the r/television subreddit and quickly rose to become the highest trending post on Reddit for the day. Like most users of the liberal-leaning Reddit, the writer voiced his disappointment at how a childhood hero of his could be promoting such garbage.

He noted that unlike Bill’s previous show, this new one was anything but educational. Bill Nye’s new show completely misrepresents opposing views and dismisses them without explaining why he thinks they are wrong. The show is extremely boring, doesn’t entertain anyone, and is basically a huge circlejerk. – these are his words, not mine. When Reddit, one of the most left-leaning websites on the Internet starts to call out Bill Nye, that’s when you know he has really fucked up:

This guy’s view wasn’t the minority view, it was the general consensus.

Almost everyone seemed to agree that the show sucked.

If you haven’t watched it yet, here is “Sex Junk”; the video being referenced by some of the users:


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