“Die cis scum” girl left Feminism, is normal now


By now, I believe most of you guys are familiar with this girl, known online as “black lipstick buxom boy”, famous for appearing in a video titled “Die Cis Scum”. 

In case you’re wondering what his or her gender is, she was born female, but decided that she was actually both male and female(gender neutral). She decided to change her name to “Raphael” and her  preferred pronoun to “ze”

In the original video, Raphael argued that people who dislike the phrase “die cis scum” were “just a bunch of people having hissy fits that their status quos were being challenged”

She defined “cisgender” as “a long time ago, a doctor took 5 seconds to look at your baby genitals and say ‘you are going to be this person’, and by some astronomical coincidence, you grew up and said, “meh.”

She went further to explain that “die cis scum” was a “perfectly reasonable responds to years upon years of trans-phobia and bigotry…

“If you think that a person is not entitled to being angry at the prejudices against them, then you’re probably a privileged douche-bag”

The full video can be seen below:

After the video went viral, Raphael gained Internet fame/infamy, and was proud of it, too. For a long time, she ran a very active Tumblr blog where she “fought” against the oppressive patriarchy and complained about men. Posts from her blog have been shared several times on my Facebook page, Reddit, 4chan and other websites known for ridiculing SJWs.

And then it happened.

She “came out” as “cisgender” and said that being transgender was just a phase for her, which she has finally grown out of.

Here’s what she looks like now:


I don’t know if she feared backlash from her fellow Tumblr peeps or if it was out of embarrassment, but she decided that she’d had enough of the Internet.

She deleted her Tumblr Account and shut down her website. Her Instagram and pretty much every other social network she was present on disappeared too. Her YouTube Channel is still live, but she deleted all her uploads including the original “Die Cis Scum” video. The video included in this article was re-uploaded by someone who managed to download it before she took it down.

She has essentially gone off the grid, but I managed to retrieve some old pictures of her (don’t ask me how).

Compare them to what she looks like now and tell me it’s not an improvement.