Diagnosed with Cancer, Brazilian Woman gets harrased by Black activists


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Hello, Dear readers. I’m a student living in Brazil and have been a fan of AgeOfShitlords for quite some time now. I just thought I’d share a story about the social justice lunacy currently going on in my country. Over a week ago, there were a controversy that divided the country in relation to “Culture Appropriation”, and the incident demonstrates perfectly just how extremely stupid these “activists” have become in my country.

I will start from the beginning;


This is a woman called Thauane Cordeiro, she lives in Curitiba (PR), in Brazil. Thauane is diagnosed with Cancer (acute myeloid leukemia to be exact). Needless to say she has been through a lot and has had her fair share of struggles, having to go through chemotherapy treatment and all that. The picture above shows her wearing a turban. Her doctor advised her to wear a turban to cover her now bald head ( That, or she just felt like wearing one, I don’t know for sure). Thauane, who likes to think of herself as “Diva” chose to enjoy life to the fullest instead of living in self pity and constantly feeling sorry for herself. Sadly, not everyone sees her that way.

On the 3rd of this month, Ms. Cordeiro went to the train station to take a ride as she usually does. While on the train, she noticed that several black girls were giving her mean looks as if she had done something wrong. She had no idea what their problem was until one of them confronted her, to inform her that she shouldn’t be wearing a turban because she is white. She was asked to remove the turban. Many “black activists” believe that whites should not wear turbans and other Afro-style garb, as this would be cultural appropriation.


Of course, Ms. Cordeiro refused to comply with their request, explaining that she was only wearing it to cover her cancer-induced baldness. A short argument ensured, after which she left, leaving the activist pretty annoyed. She shared her version of the story on Facebook, and her post has received more than 135,000 likes so far, with over 35,000 shares.

I have translated her post from Portuguese to English for those of you who aren’t fluent in Portuguese (Probably all of you).


The incident sprung up a national debate on Brazilian social media on whether it is okay for a white person to wear a turban, cancer or not. Thauane has gained a lot of support from several people, including some Black Brazilians who aren’t very fond of these black activists. These black Brazilians who support her believe that cultures should be shared, not segregated, and that anyone should be able to wear whatever they want.

But of course, there’s also a large portion of the population, The Social Justice ilk, who think she is a racist for wearing the turban. Her defiance has been described by some as “White privilege at its finest”, while others say she intentionally wore the turban to intimidate blacks and start a controversy. The Brazilian website Estadao reports that the 19 year old girl has refused to go on television or give interviews, due to the amount of unwanted attention she is receiving.

All-in all, you can see just how ridiculous the Social Justice Warrior movement in my country has become. Cancer patient gets attacked for trying to cover her baldness? Just another day in Brazil………