Diabeetus Cat Posters at UC Berkeley “Trigger” Fat Feminists and AntiFa


Things continue to heat up on the UC Berkeley campus as we head into next week’s Free Speech Week event. While the campus just last week managed to survive hosting the only slightly less controversial Conservative personality Ben Shapiro. Thanks mainly to the effective police work and arrests made by local police forces.

It is not likely the same will be said for next week’s events, especially considering the violent riots that occurred the last time Milo came to town. When you throw in the fact that this time he will be bringing equally controversial figures with him such as Ann Coulter and Steve Bannon, we have a recipe for a political clash not seen since Charlottesville.

That said, the war of ideas is already raging on the campus ahead of the actual event. With Milo and allies working their usual brand of sarcastic politically incorrect magic. Their latest tactic? Striking back against the wave of Anti-Free Speech Week signs that have been growing around campus, by placing some of their own.

Plastered right on top of signs reading “Shut Down Milo Yiannopoulos”, the meme filled counter-protest sign states “Feminists, please just stop being fat and let Milo speak.”

The original Anti-Milo signs also carried the words “No Platform for White Supremacists at UC-Berkeley”. As if Milo, whose entire platform is based around the rejection of identity politics of all kinds was a White Supremacist somehow. Proving once again these SJW types so rarely take the time to learn anything about the people they claim to be triggered by.

Also interesting is that buried deep in the smaller text of the protests signs is a statement calling for Trump to resign or that he shall have to be removed. Given the violent tactics favored by the thugs over at AntiFa, I think we can all guess what they mean by the word removed.

It’s always more fun to see Milo’s unique brand of SJW trolling directly though. So here below enjoy this short video Milo posted himself featuring the signs being placed all around campus. Stick around to the end to catch a cameo by a triggered snowflake as well.