Creepy messages Indians guys send on Social Media


I will probably get some messages from Indian guys telling me they fucked my mother for writing this article, but it needs to be written. In all my years on the Internet, I have come to accept one fact: Indian men are the creepiest group of guys you will ever meet on the web. This isn’t my personal opinion, this is objective fact. I know this because I have witnessed these guys in action myself. As an admin of several Facebook meme pages, I often get my personal profile post-blocked and sometimes deleted for offensive speech. To outmaneuver Zuckerberg’s ban hammer, I often create secondary/alternative/fake profiles, some of which have female names and a female profile picture.

99% of the messages these profiles receive are from Indian men trying to get laid. If flirting was a national sport, India would always come in first …… if you count from the bottom of the list. An Indian’s guide to flirting is quite simple; Start by sending her a picture of your dick. If she doesn’t respond, then tell her you want “franship” and then propose marriage. If that fails, then its time to start boasting about your sexual prowess, your dick size and how they want to “Lick her pussi” and “make her cum”. If that too fails, then its time to bring out the big guns – tell her you’re going to rape her, rape her mother, and then call her a fat bitch just for good measure. Of course, not everyone from India behaves like this. As with everything, there are always exceptions. But I will say that about 85% of Indian guys online follow this proven method that definitely works. Take this guy for example:

From “your pics so cute” to “bitch” and “so fat” in such a short time period. That’s certainly one way to handle rejection, I guess.

I have no idea what the last line here means, but I’m guessing it can’t be good:

This guy is definitely persistent, I’ll give him that:

Believe me, he can keep messaging you for several months on end in that same manner.

This next guy is such a charmer, isn’t he? Such sophisticated wooing:

U der?:

How could any woman so NO to this?:

Tell something..


Did this guy actually use the word “babelicious”?:

He’s clean shaven and hygienic. Doesn’t that wet your pants, ladies?:

“So are v friends?”:

Such poetry.

Shakespeare would be jealous:

And that, ladies and Gentlemen, is how Indians spend their time when they aren’t shitting on the street.

World superpower by 2020 my ass.