Crazy SJW thinks photos of ISIS throwing gays off buildings is actually ISIS saving suicidal people


Have you ever been such an Islam apologist that you felt the need to defend the actions of the Islamic State? This is where we have reached as a society, apparently. This has to be a new unlocked level of virtue signalling never before reached. While having an argument on Twitter about radical Islam and the treatment of gay people in Islamic countries, activist Zinnia Jones went full retard by suggesting that the pictures of gay people being thrown from rooftops by Isis are actually pictures of suicidal people who Isis was trying to save from dying. “Why does this person keep sending me pictures of people jumping off buildings?”:

Instead of realizing her stupidity, she decided to double down on it. She said the pictures were being misinterpreted, and that the Isis militants were actually trying to pull them back from the edge. She kept referring to them as “suicidal photos”:

She’s not done yet, the stupidity is just beginning:

I want to have a sip of whatever drug this dumbass is smoking.

This can’t be actual views held by an actually person, can it?

Sadly, it is. This dumbass is verified on Twitter and has well over 40,000 subscribers on YouTube. I’m starting to think Twitter just hands its “verified” tick to every Tom, Dick and Harry. This is how she describes herself on her website:

I’m a trans woman, a writer, an activist, and an insatiable researcher. My work offers insights across transgender sociology, public health, cognitive science, transfeminism, and civil rights law, with an interdisciplinary analysis guided by the lived experiences of trans people.