Congressman fell for a 4chan meme so hard, he repeated it on national television


He can’t keep getting away with it. How does one person carry out so many terrorist attacks and mass shootings and keep getting away with it while evading authorities for so long? Sam Hyde, an Internet comedian who was handpicked by 4chan users to troll the media has once again been linked to a mass shooting, this time by a United States Congressman, who fell victim to a prank 4chan has been running for over 2 years now .

The prank is simple; whenever a mass shooting occurs anywhere, 4chan users quickly flock social media and media/news agencies, alleging to know the identity of the shooter; Sam Hyde. Most news agencies and reporters not bothering to fact-check quickly run the story, falsely attributing the attack to “Sam Hyde ” and further spreading the Sam Hyde myth.

Since 2015, Hyde has been falsely attributed with several mass shootings in the United States, including the shootings in San Bernardino, California, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Hesston, Kentucky, Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the U.S. Naval base in San Diego, California, the U.S. Air Force base in San Antonio, Texas, and now the recent shooting in Texas.

Democrat Congressman Vicente Gonzalez from Texas is the latest victim of this prank. Just hours after the Texas church shooting, Vicente went on air in a phone interview with CNN and falsely identified “Sam Hyde” as the name of the shooter.

It was reported to me that he’s actually not from this community. Apparently his name was released as Sam Hyde, that was the name I was given…. we don’t know any more details……
Congressman Vicente

CNN didn’t bother to fact-check the story or correct the Congressman and just run with it.

It took people flooding to Twitter to spread information about the hoax: