Clinton compares herself to Cersei in Game of Thrones


    Hillary Clinton’s new book is the gift that keeps on giving. Apart from ignorantly arguing within the book’s 512 pages that the moral lesson to be taken from “1984”, is that people should trust the government and media, she also tries to evoke pity by comparing herself to Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones.

    You know, Cersei, the psychotic woman responsible for causing murder and harm to several characters, including the underage boy who chanced upon her having incestuous intercourse with her own brother, who also happens to be the father of all her children. Yes, that Cersei.

    In her new book “What Happened,” Hillary Clinton compared the vitriol she faced on the campaign trail to Cersei Lannister’s walk of atonement in the hit TV series Game of Thrones.

    In a passage contemplating the role sexism played in her failed presidential bid, Clinton wrote, “Crowds at Trump rallies called for my imprisonment more times than I can count.”

    “They shouted, ‘Guilty! Guilty!’ like the religious zealots in Game of Thrones chanting, ‘Shame! Shame!’ while Cersei Lannister walked back to the Red Keep,” Clinton wrote.

    In Season 5, Cersei was stripped naked and marched through the streets of King’s Landing as citizens jeered and threw garbage at her.

    Actress Lena Headey told Entertainment Weekly there was a part of her that was “f—ing terrified” getting in the character’s mindset to film the emotional public shaming scene.

    “I can’t even imagine people wanting your blood. Cersei has done wrong, but she doesn’t really deserve this,” Headey said.

    In her memoir, Clinton said she was taken aback by the “flood of hatred” she faced in the run-up to election day, saying she was “one of the most admired public servants in America” after her tenure as Secretary of State.

    She wrote, “Now people seemed to think I was evil…Was this all because I’m a woman? No. But I believe it was motivation for some of those chanters and some of that bile.”

    Original reporting by New York Daily News and additional commentary from Age Of Shitlords.