Clementine Ford just announced that she’s had a baby


Remember Clementine Ford? The Feminist who complained about censorship because She couldn’t censor others? The same Feminist who got a guy fired for arguing with her online? The same feminist who hates all men(her own words) well, she’s had a baby, and she doesn’t want us to make fun of it. At least that’s what she says on her Facebook page.

“One of the reasons I kept this so private was because I’m afraid of how the abuse towards me will be broadened now to include my family. All I’ll say is this – if you feel at all tempted to direct the vitriol you save for me towards a tiny human, stop for a minute and think about what kind of person that makes you.”

Of course, I’m not going to make fun of an innocent kid, no normal human being would. If anything, I feel sorry for it. Clementine Has bragged on Twitter about having had two abortions(I wouldn’t be surprised if she aborted them because she found out they were going to be male)

“I’ve had 2 abortions. I don’t have to justify or explain them to anybody. My life is more valuable than a potential life. Abortions are super convenient I’d rather have them. I love them[abortions], they’re a fun day out plus all the cocktails are half price at the clinic.”

Those are her words verbatim.

In the announcement she made on Facebook, she included a blurry, barely view-able picture of the baby, and failed to mention whether it was male or female. In fact, she referred to it as a “tiny human” as opposed to a “baby boy” or “baby girl”:

clemementine ford baby picture

Clementine has written articles for Daily life about the need to raise boys with Feminist ideology and has shown support for a Swedish movement that aimed to give a copy of the book “we should all be Feminists”, to every Swedish boy aged 16 and above. She argues that boys who don’t accept feminism will grow up into indecent men who do not respect women. In her view, Feminism is the only way we can prevent boys from growing up into rapists:

Yes, boys should have the right to say no to feminism. But when girls and women are still being raped, beaten, murdered and abused simply because they are girls and women, it’s a depressing outlook on life that so many of them still do.”

If this kid turns out to be female, she’s going to raised in a bat-shit insane home where she is given some absurd gender and taught to never take responsibility for her actions. Nothing she does is ever wrong, all her problems in life are the fault of evil Cis men. She’ll probably grow up to become a stripper or porn-star.

If this kid happens to be male, he’ll grow up in a home where he’s taught to hate himself and his gender, that he needs to get rid of his “toxic masculinity” to become a productive member of society. His mother will manage to convince him that he’s a gender-punk agender otherkin foxkin multidimensional demiboy, and he’ll be going to pride parades before age 6.

There’s always the chance that this kid will break the conditioning and reject all the propaganda his mother forces on him, but that doesn’t seem very likely.

Poor kid.