Call of Duty Wager Leads to Deadly Swatting


First rule of Virtual Fight Club; you do not endanger other players in real-life…… at least that’s what the first rule should be. Two competitive gamers battling it out in Call of Duty: WWII, wagered a whopping $2 prize to be won by whoever turned out victorious in the video game…. which ultimately led to an innocent third party getting killed.

The two are said to have initially disagreed on some specifics of the game (most likely over who won), which led to a heated online argument between them one Twitter. One dared the other to man up and meet him at his home address, after which he posted a fake address in Wichita, Kansas, purporting it to be his own.

The other gamer not to be outdone, reported a fake hostage story to the local police through an app that made it appear like a local call, alleging that a man had killed his father and was holding his family hostage at the address he thought belonged to the rival gamer.

Swat teams soon appeared at the fake address, ready to deal with a hostage situation. The innocent man stepping out of the now surrounded house unaware of what was going on caught the police by surprise, and then caught a bullet from one of the swat officers. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but died nonetheless.

One of the gamers said to be involved in the feud (Presumably the one who made the call) later went on Twitter to defend himself, stating that “I didn’t get anyone killed because I didn’t discharge a weapon and being a swat member isn’t my profession”. His account has since been suspended by Twitter:

A video of the shooting can be seen below: