Buzzfeed feminist laments that Harvey Weinstein only raped white women


While flocks of women are reliving and telling tales of their disturbing experiences with alleged Hollywood predator Harvey Weinstein, one of Buzzfeed’s woke black writers has other things on her mind; the lack of diversity of his victims.

In an article for Buzzfeed titled “There’s an elephant in Harvey Weinstein’s hotel room”, Feminist Bim Adewunmi laments the fact that all of Harvey’s victims are white, and argues that the reason black women do not get leading roles in movies is because they are often seen as “not fuckable” by producers.

She argues that while the sexual assault allegations against Harvey are mainly being an issue about sexual harassment, they are also an issue about race:

The elephant in the room in discussions about the alleged crimes and misdemeanors of Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein looks eerily similar to an elephant of the past. It is the Race elephant. And among the allegations, the question of race is one that we are not really looking to engage with, because it is knotty and gnarly. But it bears talking about, because there are black women in Hollywood, and not talking about it does us all a disservice.
In Hollywood, where both racism and sexism are rampant, what can look like a sort of mitigated blessing ends up highlighting another insidious problem in (the societal microcosm that is) Hollywood: Black women do not often come up for the kind of prestigious high-profile and award-winning roles that a producer with Weinstein’s power could offer.
……..If we are to discern a general message about black women (and other women of color) from the product churned out by Hollywood, it is that they are not seen as leading role material, and that is intertwined with the idea that they are not desirable “trophies.”

I would think not being considered a desirable trophy by a sexual predator is a good thing… but that’s just me.

She continues:

…….the narrative coming out of Hollywood right now is about the victims who have come forward with allegations specifically against Harvey Weinstein, and that list is largely made up of white women. This is worth remarking upon, not because it is odd, but because it is decidedly quotidian, considering who is permitted to be in the room at even the lowest levels of the industry.
…….In an industry as white as Hollywood, the racially problematic “attraction question” is part of what reduces the shelf life of black actresses as a matter of course, causing many of them to get half as far in twice the time it takes their white counterparts. To be deemed “fuckable” is not the honor a certain kind of man (and woman) believes it to be, but the ideas of fuckability are entrenched, and they serve to exclude black women very early on in the conversation — while dooming the women who do go on to get the roles to gross sexual harassment or assault

Now this is where things start getting weird.

She lists the different movies that have been produced by Weinstein’s production company, and notes that very few of them have starred black women. Her conclusion: Harvey Weinstein doesn’t want to sexually abused black women (As if that is a bad thing):

A cursory glance of both companies’ slates suggests fewer than 10 films starring black women or other women of color, Jackie Brown (1997), Frida (2002), Bride and Prejudice (2004), and Southside With You (2016) being the most recognizable. Black women weren’t even making it into Weinstein’s predatory thought process except, probably, to be expressly excluded.

I guess we should be alarmed that a serial sexual harasser didn’t incorporate diversity into his harassment escapades.

Thanks, Buzzfeed.