British army causes butthurt over picture posted on Twitter


The Offense Police never sleeps.

Earlier today, the British army’s official Twitter account tweeted out a picture with the caption “Being a #soldier in the jungle requires a robust sense of humor”

The caption was accompanied by a picture of a soldier with his face painted, holding a gun and pulling a face in the jungle:


I imagine you already know where this is going.

The social Justice warriors who have essentially elected themselves as the arbitrators of morality saw the Tweet and concluded that it was:

  • Black face
  • Offensive
  • Racist

bad-1 bad-2 bad-3 bad-4 bad-5

These are just a few of several hundreds of tweets.

Now, I’m not a soldier nor have I ever been in the army, but common sense dictates that this soldier had colored his face as a form of camouflage.

Common sense…. and several years of watching war movies.

Secondly, this isn’t blackface, his face is green (to match the green environment he’s trying to move through while staying undetected):


Unless you think black people are actually green or that there’s a race of people colored green who are offended by “green face”, then there’s no reason to be offended.

Several people with military experience came forward to explain that this wasn’t black face, but a form of camouflage. The PC police didn’t care. If they want to be offended, then they’re going to be offended and no one can stop them.

Eventually, the British army had to delete the tweet and offer an apology:


Good job on letting these morons get their way.