Brazilian Ministry of Education Trolls Feminists – And They Fall For It.



A couple days ago, we received a friendly message on our Facebook page from a Brazilian fan of ours who told a glorious tale of young Brazilian feminists getting trolled by the Ministry of Education. I’ll let her tell the story herself.

brazil fan story 1

The saga continues:

brazil fan story 2

This is where things get interesting:

Now for the feminists’ reaction to the results:

Of course some of them blamed their failure on “bigotry”:

More butthurt:

At least this one takes responsibility:

And my favorite:

One of the people responsible for marking the essays gave his input on the topic. According to him, some of the students used hashtags, internet slang and headings like “Bigots shall not pass” and “My pussy is the power”:

What kind of Shitlord would I be if I didn’t turn this into a meme?:



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