As black woman is cast to play Joan of Arc, Internet comes up with people to play historical black characters

We Waz Saints


A Broadway play that depicts the rise and fall of 16th century heroine Joan of Arc has decided to throw historical accuracy out the window by casting a black actress to play the french woman’s character.

31 year old Condola Rashad will be playing the role of the Catholic icon Joan of Arc, who was famous for her role in France’s hundred year war and would later be canonized as a Roman Catholic Saint:

Since “cultural appropriation” is apparently no longer a problem, the Internet begun to brainstorm on which other historic characters need a rebranding – specifically, black historical characters.

This new Nelson Mandela feature looks good if I do say so myself:

Mandela isn’t the only one getting this treatment…..

Surely, someone as iconic as Martin Luther King needs to be played by an actor who clearly represents everything he stood for:

Malcolm X:

We Waz Jews:

And my personal favorite: