Black Lives Matter activist creates database of people suspected of racism – The website’s logo is a Swastika


Professional victim and delusional moron, Tariq Nasheed, after spending the past day accusing the latest Planet of the Apes movie trailer of racism, has decided to create a database of suspected bigots on Social Media. The website contains names and contact information of several Internet personalities who according to Tariq, are bigots. Things however took at turn for the worse after Tariq tweeted out the logo of the website, which looks….. like a Swastika:

You’ll also notice that “Suspected” is repeated twice in the name of the website…. so, SS? As in “The Schutzstaffel” (Also known as “The SS”), the paramilitary organization that helped Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party seize and maintain power during the second world war? Nice one, Tariq. Isn’t this appropriation of Nazi culture?

Tariq has since deleted the tweets linking to the website, and the website has gone offline too, with the words “Be Right Back” inscribed on its front page.

While the website is currently non-operational, archives of it exist. The archived version of the website shows that Tariq’s database already has several people listed on it, with the likes of Bill Maher, Gavin McInnes, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Philip Defranco and Jared Taylor making the list. I imagine he intends to add more people to the list in the future.