Black Gamer said she wasn’t too bothered by Pewdiepie using the N-word, gets called the N-word by SJWs for disagreeing


Well he did it again. Pewdiepie is back in the news once more. I guess this is the consequence of having the largest channel on YouTube (Almost 60 million subscribers); everything you do becomes news. The PC police is once again calling for Pewd’s head on a spike, after he let the word “NIGGER” (Yes, I can say that word, my cat’s mother is black) fly during a live-stream of the video game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

As one of the characters he was trying to murder in the game escaped from him and killed one of his allies, he shouted the words “What a fucking Nigger” out in frustration, and immediately realized his mistake…

“Geez on my God. What the fuck”…..”Sorry” he apologized immediately after, but it was too late:

The entire Internet has been blowing up about this, of course, with everyone coming in to give their own personal takes on the controversy. The Social Justice crowd for one has been having a field day; they absolutely love shit like this, because it gives them something to bitch about.

Amid all the commotion, one female black fan of Pewds dared to say that she wasn’t that offended by him uttering the slur, and asked the social Justice crowd to stop getting offended on her behalf:

So how does the social Justice crowd react to this? Do they respect her right to not be offended? Do they respect her opinion? Do they tell her they disagree with her, but still value her take on the Issue?