Bill Nye got roasted to hell on his Reddit AMA yesterday


Following the massive failure of his recent TV series “Bill Nye saves the world”, Bill Nye the Cuck guy yesterday returned to the home of his largest fanbase, Reddit, to try to shill himself back into their positive graces……. probably in preparation for the return of his show for a second season. If you’re just catching up, even Reddit hates Bill now….. which is saying a lot, considering how much they dick rode him the past decade. Let’s just say yesterday’s AMA didn’t go very well.

Bill Naturally refused to answer any of the controversial questions directed at him (which were basically most of the top comments) and ignored them in favor of the non controversial ones he was more comfortably answering. The whole AMA looked like a graveyard, as most of the top-upvoted comments went unanswered, causing some users to call it “The worst AMA ever”. I’m not even nit-picking, here are the top comments ranked by most upvotes:

When Bill Did respond, most of his comments disappeared under mountains of downvotes for being either scientifically ignorant or just really obscure:

He’s probably regretting doing this AMA: