The BBC discovers the great meme war (Video)


The British Broadcasting corporation decided to investigate Internet memes and their effects on recent politics, and the video they uploaded as a result of their research is every bit as autistic as you’d expect. In fact, I would like to apologize in advance for calling the video autistic, because that is a huge insult to actual autistic people.

The BBC argues that the “great meme war”, credited with getting Trump elected, has now spread to France and the warriors of the war are trying to get Marine Le Pen elected in a similar manner as Trump was (Real news material right there).

Watch a bunch of political “experts” discus cartoon frog heads, bacon stripes and glasses of milk (which are apparently a white supremacist symbol). The bacon stripes, according to the “alt right expert” they spoke to, make fun of the fact that Jews and Muslims cannot consume bacon. The glass of milk is also because “white identity can be something as mundane as lactose tolerance”.

Very informative video, BBC.

The video then takes time to explain the meaning of some Pepe versions of Marine Le Pen. Yes, the BBC uploaded a video that is essentially just a slideshow of cartoon frogs. The video describes Pepe memes as being “extremely racist” and accuses far right political groups of being “Internet savvy”.

Welcome to “news” in 2017.

I give up. I just give up.

On the plus side, the video has already amounted over 5,000 dislikes against less than 500 likes:


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