Army guys own a man who is sleeping with another man’s wife

    Bye Felicia


    5 Bravo is a group made up of former and present army guys on the internet who specialize in military and patriotic humor. According to their official website, they love “shooting lots of guns, drinking too much, eating more bacon than [they] know what to do with”

    “We are a group of US Army Combat Veterans who simply believe in our mission “Embrace The Bravo” Bravo can mean anything. From booze, all the way to bullets. We want you to be your own Bravo and live a fun and happy life. We are full supporters of the ;IGY6 movement and have partnered up with several charities and veteran owned companies to ensure that we are consistently engaged in the fight against veteran suicide. Don’t forget stop by our facebook page and shoot us a message to say hey.”

    In addition to posting military type humor, they also offer advice to aspiring army members, offer inspiration to them, and sometimes, help them enlist and go where they’re trying to go.

    Which brings us to our story for today, it starts with one young 24 year old aspiring soldier coming to them for advice:



    Just for reference, In the Marines, a “Jody” is a generalized term meaning: any man who stays home while everyone else goes to war. He gets to enjoy all the things the Marines are missing, more specifically the Marine’s girlfriend back at home while the Marine is away on active duty. The reason that they’re called Jody specifically dates back to black soldiers in WWII. They took a character from old blues songs named Joe the Grinder (or Joe D. Grinder) who would steal the ladies of inmates and soldiers, and clipped his name to Jody.






    Some time later:







    He never replied back.